About Maraam.io

Maraam.io is an online training center that is owned by KLD Era. We take an innovative approach to help you to quickly grasp the key points and establish a clear understanding of any of the topics contained in our diverse training catalog.

Our content is delivered in the form of training courses and book summaries. These are delivered in a series of 5-7-minute ‘bites’ that make learning easy rather than overwhelming, and which allow you to complete any training course when it best suits your schedule. Moreover, each ‘bite’ is followed by a short interactive quiz that help you to see that you have really understood the material.

We firmly believe that the key to effective training is presenting information in an interesting and stimulating way - and with a jargon-free, practical emphasis. We also understand that people have different learning styles and preferences, so the wide variety of content on Maraam.io is available to you in a mix of video, audio and written forms. Last, but certainly not least, our diverse training catalog is continually added to and updated to include the latest industry developments.

Our Unique Style

  • Compressed and Summarized Format: To accommodate learners with busy schedules and to keep learning interesting, our content is presented in short bite-sized packages that are easy to grasp and which build understanding systematically.
  • In-video Quizzes: To create a stimulating learning experience and consolidate learning, short interactive quizzes are presented every 5 to 7 minutes during videos.
  • Versatile Delivery: To accommodate different learning styles, our versatile platform delivers training content in video, audio and written form. Our content makes use of graphs and animated illustrations to facilitate effective training.
  • Relevance: To ensure our content is applicable to typical business contexts, we draw on real-life case studies and we use commonly referenced English terms when explaining underlying concepts in the Arabic language.
  • Skill-based: To provide training that makes a difference, our content is designed to provide learners with actual practical skills, not just knowledge.
  • High Value Content at a Low Price Point: Our catalog contains hundreds of courses and book summaries at a very affordable price.
  • Learn on The Go: If a learner is unable to finish a training module, our system remembers where they left off and allows them to resume from there.
  • Certificate of Completion: Learners who achieve a passing grade of 90% earn a Certificate of Completion that is recognized across the Maraam.io learning community, which they can also save in their social media profiles.
  • Dynamic Library: Our library is being constantly updated and we keep learners informed about any newly uploaded content in their areas of interest.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Each account comes with a dashboard that allows the learner to determine which courses to attend and also monitor progress made.
  • Corporate Subscriptions: Maraam.io’s training inventory of courses and summarized books is available for organizations. These subscriptions are supplied with a dashboard that allows management to stimulate and monitor progress of their personnel.